Litterbox Cake

SERVINGS | Depends on how squeamish people are
SOURCE: Unknown

1 spice cake mix, made according to box directions
1 white cake mix, made according to box directions
1 (small) package vanilla pudding, made according to box directions
1 package vanilla (white) sandwich cookies)
Tootsie rolls
Green food coloring
Small litterbox (or appropriately sized pan)
New litter scoop (or flat metal spatula – the kind with holes)

Make the spice cake, white cake, and pudding all according to box directions.

Crush entire package of vanilla sandwich cookies into small pieces.

Crumble cooled cakes and mix them with the pudding and 3/4 of the crushed cookies.

To the reserved 1/4 crushed cookies, stir in a few drops of green food coloring. It doesn’t take very much. The green is supposed to resemble the chlorophyl bits they used to put in non-scoopable litters, for odor control.

Place cake/cookie/pudding mix in clean litterbox. The lumpier it looks, the better.

Unwrap a few tootsie rolls and put on a plate; microwave for about 5 seconds – just until warm and pliable. Shape appropriately and then have fun. I recommend burying a few in the cake/pudding mix, or artfully gathering a few together in a little clump in one corner. If you are feeling particularly artistic, you could nuke a few for a few more seconds, and then drape them over one side of the box.

Sprinkle the green cookie crumbs over the top of the cake/pudding/tootsie roll concoction. Serve with litter scoop.

Alternate ingredients (depends how ‘realistic’ you want this to be):

  • Small glops of chocolate or butterscotch pudding
  • Roll the warm tootsie rolls in a few sesame seeds (looks like tapeworms)
  • Coil some cooked spaghetti in one corner (roundworms)
  • Anything else your imagination can come up with