Richard and Jennifer
The Crawford/Mueller Wedding Album
Bridal Party Members
Mother of the Bride:
Father of the Bride:
Mother of the Groom:
Father of the Groom:
Maid of Honor:
Best Man:
Flower Girl:
Ring Bearer:

Fiona (neice of bride)
Aaron (nephew of bride)
Lisa, Heather (sister of bride), Amy (sister of bride), Erika (neice of groom)
Jeff, Adam, Steve
Mike, Dave (brother-in-law of bride), Kollin (brother-in-law of bride)

Getting Ready
Jennifer getting ready
Richard looking manly (waiting for the ceremony to start)
Misty Window Shot
Jennifer looking wistful (hoping that the outfits will be done so we don't start *too* late!)
Jennifer and Dad Processing (part two)
Jennifer and Jack processing down the aisle
The Ceremony
A copy of the ceremony is available to read.
The Kiss
At last, the kiss.
The New Couple
The new couple enters the reception hall
Dancing at the reception
Demonstration by the dance troupe (before they taught all of us how to do it too!)
Janet and Rusty Dancing
Janet and Rusty doing a traditional Elizabethian tango.
Eating Cake
Exchanging bits of (extremely chocolatey, delicious) cake.
Leaving the Reception
Richard and Jennifer heading for 'Fresno' (okay, so it was really Napa).
The Car
The newlyweds' car.
The Dragons
Breaking tradition, instead of throwing bouquet and garter, we threw dragons - a bride dragon and a groom dragon.
Dipika and Angela
Dipika and Angela - just two of the lovely guests in garb.
Four Females-in-law
Caitlyn, Leona, Kit, and Kristen - watching the dancing.
Roni and the Dragon
Roni - the one who caught the 'bride' dragon.
Our junior bridesmaid - Erika!
Pern Trio
Lisa, Roni, and Beth
Fiona - 18 months of adorable cuteness who stole the show when she dumped her basket of pale purple rose petals in the aisle, then flopped down to pick them up.
The Full Bridal Party
From left to right: Erika, Lisa, Amy, Heather, Dipika, Jennifer, Richard, Keith, Jeff, Adam, Steve
In front: Aaron and Fiona
The Full Bridal Party with Ushers
From left to right: Erika, Lisa, Amy, Heather, Dipika, Jennifer, Richard, Keith, Jeff, Adam, Steve
In front: Dave, Mike, Kollin
Clockwise from bride: Jennifer, Amy, Heather, Erika, Dipika, Lisa
The Groomsmen
From left to right: Adam, Keith, Richard, Jeff, Steve
The Andrews Family
The Andrews/Crawford blended family
From left to right: Leona, Kristen, Jennifer, Erika, Richard, Rusty, Caitlyn
The Mueller Family
The Mueller family
From left to right: Amy (holding Fiona), Kollin, Janet, Jennifer, Richard, Jack, Dave (holding Nathan), Heather (holding Aaron)
Three Sisters
Amy, Jennifer, Heather - requisite three-sister-pose.

Grape Feeding
The last time Jennifer will ever do this for Richard (heh heh heh)