The Journey of Dandelion Snailrider

Day Five: Ireland

From:       Dandelion Snailrider
To:         Mr. A--
Subject:    Day 5: Confused By The Signs
Date:       December 14, 2002
Dear Mr. A--,

I hope that you are doing quite well.  I understand
that the loss of a haggis can be a dreadfully
traumatic experience.  I lost a toadstool once, and
the repercussions were widefelt and continue to this
day in Patagonia.  I assure you, of course, that this
event has nothing to do at all with my decision to
leave my native home!

My, watching the start of Iditarod was exciting!  Are
your dogs sled dogs?  Any dog which can bring down a
haggis is indeed a force to be reckoned with, of
course.  I'm sure your dogs are fierce and brave
creatures indeed.

I am afraid that once again I must express my
frustration with my snail's slow pace.  Perhaps it is
the extra luggage that we now carry -- Alaskan haggis
can be quite heavy!  We made only a mile or so per
hour last night, and only made it as far as Ireland. 
Much of the trip was cold!  I believe that is what
made my snail so slow.

Ireland is a puzzling place.  As you can see from the
attached picture, there are so many signs to choose
from!  Which way do you think I should go?

There are only ten days left in which to complete my
journey!  Wish me luck.  The haggis I bring is, I am
assured, the finest of Yukon Joe's recipes.  So save
that sunny spot on the lawn on me!  I shall be there

Sincerely yours,

Dandelion Snailrider

(Unfortunately, our intrepid adventurer made an error and forgot to attach the photo. So...)

From:       Dandelion Snailrider 
To:         Mr. A--
Subject:    Oh, dear!
Date:       December 14, 2002

Dear Mr. A--,

Please accept my apologies!  In my rush to get my last
letter finished and sent, I neglected to attach the
photo of myself.  It is attached to this e-mail.

Please have a good day.


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Copyright ©2002 by Richard S. Crawford