The Journey of Dandelion Snailrider

Day Two: Saudi Arabia

From:       Dandelion Snailrider
To: 	    Mr. A--
Subject:    Day Two: Lost in a Sandy Place
Date:       December 11, 2002
Dear Mr. A--,

--- Mr. A-- wrote:
> Ooooookay then....

I am, of course, absolutely thrilled that you are
feeling positive about my arrival!  I am too, as I am
sure you can understand.  I hope that haggis is still

Well, curse me and my silly snail.  After a full day
of traveling, with lots of stops for grass and
flowers, my snail was only able to take me as far as
Saudi Arabia.  I suppose I must be forgiving.  With
all of the gear that I have with me (so much water!
you wouldn't believe), he must be tired out.

Do you know how hard it is to find an Internet cafe in
Al Bohairat where I could write this missive to you? 
A kindly Bedouin in a Hummer gave me a ride from the
outskirts of the town to the inskirts, where I found
the shop of Mad Habib: Camel Veterinarian and Internet
Service Provider, and at just a few dollars an hour I
am able to log on and send out my communications while
enjoying a fresh cup of tea.

I've attached a picture of me next to a most amusing
sign that I found while I was here.

Well, I must be off.  I hope that you and your family
are doing well, and that your lawn is green and your
haggis(!) is tasty!

Very Sincerely Yours,

Dandelion Snailrider

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Copyright ©2002 by Richard S. Crawford