The Journey of Dandelion Snailrider

Day One: The Journey Begins

From: 	    Dandelion Snailrider
To: 	    Mr. A--
Subject:    Following the Haggis
Date: 	    December 10, 2002

Dear Mr. A--,

I do hope that this missive finds you in good health. 
I know that this must come as a surprise to you, since
most people assume that gnomes like myself do not like
using computers.  But I say it is time to enter the
20th century!  Messenger owls and pigeons are fine for
their own purposes, but e-mail communication such as
this is better for speed and swiftness of
conversation.  Don't you think so?

At any rate, I am writing to let you know of my plans
to come and visit you, and possibly stay.  If I may be
permitted a slight expletive, Southern Patagonia has
no darn haggis!  What an amazingly primitive place! 
Certainly an intolerable situation, as I am sure you
will agree.  Again, I say, "time to enter the
twentieth century!"  Or, at least, the thirteenth.

But in this age of instant communication, I'm sure you
appreciate that information spreads quickly and
accurately throughout the world.  I have been informed
by certain of my colleagues that you have awaiting in
your home a haggis of surprising vintage, not to
mention a lawn of subtle pleasures.  And so I am on my
way on my trusty steed, and I hope that there is still
some haggis left for me when I arrive.  I have
attached a picture of myself on my steed, just as I'm
setting out from my home in Southern Patagonia.

Most sincerely yours,

Dandelion Snailrider

P. S.  Snails are a very reliable mode of
transporation; but they are, shall we say, somewhat
leisurely of pace.  I had hoped to be at your home
tomorrow, but it now seems that my arrival will be
delayed until Christmas Eve.  -DS

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Copyright ©2002 by Richard S. Crawford