Adventures in Wall Building

On Saturday, May 31, we had a grand time moving bricks around, dropping gypsum on the ground, tearing up muscles, and building walls.

For your edification and general enjoyment, we faithfully documented the process so that you, too, can enjoy the fun of wall building!

[The Yard Before the Wall]
This is the yard before the wall. Barren, flat... but now featuring real grass!

[The rocks in our driveway]
Hey, Jennifer, look what the rock fairy brought us last night!

Moving the rocks
Richard taking his rocks for a walk.

Outlining the Wall
Now dance around the circle widdershins by the light of the full moon, and the elves will bring you candy!

The First Row
That wasn't so bad. The next five rows will be a piece of cake!"

Whew. Two tons (plus!) of rocks later, we're done! Time for a nice long bath in a pool of ice.