The Journey of Dandelion Snailrider

Day Nine: London

From:       Dandelion Snailrider
To:         Mr. A--
Subject:    Day 9: Into the Caverns
Date:       December 18, 2002

Dear Mr. A--,

I truly hope that you are doing well.  I have not
heard from you in two or three days, and I fear that
perhaps the mollusks have overrun you and your family.
 I hope that this is not so!

Now, while the elephant herders in Thailand gave me
perfectly adequate directions to Campbell, they also
asked me to deliver a special Christmas present to the
Queen of England.  I agreed, albeit reluctantly: after
all, who knows much much a journey to England might
delay my jouney!  But because they'd been so kind, I
felt that I had no choice but to deliver to the Queen
her new Thai shoes.

My goodness, but the Queen was gracious and kind!  She
invited me in for some tea and  crumpets and we had a
very nice talk about the history of England, our
favorite movies, and the ecology and biology of
Patagonian warrior snails -- who knew that the Queen
was so well-versed in the ways of oceanic mollusks! 
The Dread Snail Roberts was quite flattered when the
Queen expressed her appreciation of his fine shell.

Attached to this missive is a photograph of myself
standing near the famous Big Ben.  After tea with the
Queen, she had asked me to take my snail up to the
clock to see if we could fix the chimes.  It was quite
a simple thing to fix, actually!  Just a touch of gum
and a bit of twine, and everything was all better!

And now I must be off.  This haggis won't keep
forever, and I have less than a week to make my way
from London to Campbell.

I do hope that everything is well with you.

Until next week I remain

Your loyal servant,

Dandelion Snailrider

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Copyright ©2002 by Richard S. Crawford