The Journey of Dandelion Snailrider

Day Seven: Moscow

From:       Dandelion Snailrider
To:         Mr. A--
Subject:    Day 7: The Red Menace
Date:       December 16, 2002

Dear Mr. A--,

I read and re-read the sign at the North Pole but the
only place name that I was able to make out was
Moscow.  So that's where I headed.  With The Dread
Snail Roberts only capable of a few feet per hour, it
took me all night to arrive at Red Square.  I fear
that you are right and that I am becoming quite, quite

But my sojourn in Moscow is hardly a disappointment. 
There is Russian haggis here, made from sauerkraut and
vodka, which is simply divine.  I have made inquiries
about having some shipped your way, but I'm afraid
that the Fathers of the Russian Orthodox Church of the
Quivering Otter have declared that it is a sin for
Russian Sauerkraut Haggis to be consumed by anyone who
has ever played Daddy Warbucks in a community theater
production of _Annie_.  I do not know if you have ever
undertaken such a feat, but I felt that it would be
prudent not to take the risk of endangering both our
immortal souls.

I have also made some wonderful friends while here in
Moscow, as you can see from the attached photograph. 
I am honored to report that the children in this
photograph have been named Ivan, Boris, and Dandelion.
I begged them not to name the child after me, but
apparently my status as a visiting gnome from
Patagonia was too amazing for them to ever forget.

My new friends also gave me directions to Campbell
from Moscow.  I fear that it is quite a trip!  And I
have only eight days to make it!

But with courage and fortitude, I shall prevail.  Da? 
Ha ha!

Until my arrival, I remain

Your loyal and obedient servant,

Dandelion Snailrider

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Copyright ©2002 by Richard S. Crawford