Kris and Rusty Andrews: 21 Years and Still Kicking

For the occasion of Kris and Rusty Andrews's 21st wedding anniversary, a group of us -- family and friends -- took them to Benihana's in Sunnyvale for dinner. Herein are some pictures from that event:

Kris and Rusty While Kris whispers sweet nothings into Rusty's ear, Rusty contemplates the shrimp that has just been served to him.
Leona and her beau, Mike. As you can tell, Mike is thrilled to be here, and promises not to quote Kamp Kaos or UGO cartoons during dinner. Leona, after dating Mike for nearly ten months, has mastered the art of smiling and nodding. Mike and Leona
Jim and Mary Beth Watts One can't help but wonder what it was that Mary Beth, Kris's best friend for many years, has just said to her husband Jim.
This is the only way that we were able to get the girls to pose for the camera (they're quite adept at sensing the presence of a camera and most of the other shots of the girls are really just pictures of menus or placemats quickly held in front of their faces. From left to right: Karrie Doyle, Caitlyn Andrews, and Erika Stokely. Three Little Monkeys
Richard and Jennifer I'd say it's getting to be time for me to get a haircut. What do you think? This is, unfortunately, just about the best picture of the two of us that came out of that evening.

All in all, we all had a great time. Here's to another twenty-one years!